Becca's Creations

Becca's Creations

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How we started

I was a stay at home mom to a beautiful baby boy and a 2 year old daughter. I was also babysitting 2 other children so we could keep up with bills and such. However I knew that soon my baby girl and the other kids I was watching would start preschool and I would be out of a job. There was NO way I wanted my baby boy to go in daycare once my daughter started preschool. So I bought some ribbon and just started making bows. I started a Facebook page and sponsored in some giveaways to get fans.

They were very crappy at first honestly. Then they began to take form. I remember my first sale! I was so excited! It was $12 but still!! I admit they weren't great quality in the beginning but as time went on I learned more and more and more. And I continue to learn each and everyday! You tube helped in the beginning.

By the time August came and I no longer babysat anyone but I was still not making enough to support us.. But instead of getting a job I decided to invest in an embroidery machine! This is when the magic really started happening! I instantly went from making $200-$300/month with the business to making $1000+/month. And each month it makes more and more! I am now able to continue staying home with my kids and I LOVE it! Plus I'm my own boss:):) there's nothing better in the world than being a stay at home momma!

My plan for the future is to start my own boutique supply shop and do it from home. This will be a wholesale shop. While continuing Beccas Creations.